You and your business are destined for big things.   You want to share your genius with the world and you’re busting your rear to make your business thrive.  But you’re unclear where you should focus your efforts, you’re not making the money you dreamed of, and you feel physically and emotionally exhausted because you’re working more than you did at your corporate job and making less money.  This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

Business Meets Spirituality (BMS) brings ambitious solo-entrepreneurs and leaders from all over the world together in a unique event in New York City. Mingle with some of the most talented leaders on the planet, and learn how you can adapt their tricks of the trade to your own business. This is your opportunity to experience inspiration and transformation at a core level so you can stop struggling and start making money, creating freedom, and having more fun.

Are You…

  • Wondering if you’ll ever find the clients you want?
  • Frustrated by not achieving success in spite of the “tons of courses” taken, events attended, and multitudes of time and money invested into your business?
  • Feeling trapped rather than liberated by your dreams of attaining what you really want for your business and life?
  • Earning less than when you were working your full-time job?
  • Working harder than ever before and still not finding the clients, making the money or living the dream other business owners speak about?

Do you ever secretly wish there was a team of experts assembled in one location, experts ready to share their genius and experience with you so you can really turn your business into one that makes money, creates freedom, and allows you to have more fun in your life?

I’m Gry and I turned my nearly-bankrupt business into a million dollar affair by focusing on just a few areas of growth. I would love to show you how to do the same.

It’s totally possible to create a business that gives you freedom, happiness, and money and I’ve assembled the best of the best in the greatest city in the world for one weekend packed full of business building goodness.


What Business Meets Spirituality can do for you:

Provide you with the skills you need to build a strong foundation for an online business and the strategies required to make money 24/7
Learn how to maintain a healthy life style, and still be true to the various roles you play
Find your dream client you want to work with, in the US or any other country
Cast aside the myth of the lonely entrepreneur, and show you how to connect with a support system that can ultimately change the world
Discover how to set yourself apart by infusing more of you in your business
Kick doubt to the curb and step up to being the boss of your business
Help you focus on fun while connecting more deeply to your core truths
Heal your money story and stop blocking yourself from making the money you deserve
Show you how to embrace your flaws and celebrate your uniqueness
Inspire you to take the next best step for your business
Help you own your message so that clients can find you and are happy to pay for your amazing genius


Mark it on your calendar, April 25-27th, the weekend that could change everything for your business, your life, and your soul!

Why you must say yes to BMS

1. Clarity of vision: Uncover your strategic vision for your business, and the complementary business model that will catapult you to success. Understand how to create the life you desire. You can have it all: connection with your family, the space and freedom to see the world, or whatever you envision as your best life.

2. How to set up your thriving online business: Learn the fundamentals of designing an online business that supports your vision of your best life.  Understand what’s essential to keeping your prosperity moving, and what’s just icing.

3. Strategies to attract your Dream Clients: Discover how to attract those clients that are an energetic match for you, those who will bring an element of fun and excitement to your business. Learn how to design your website with that in mind, and how to set up automated email list building strategies for these clients, and understand why your list is your most important asset and your cash machine.

4. How to create and package online products that turn your fans into happy customers: Learn the depth and breadth of possibilities for what kind of online products and messages you can put other there, and you will learn the formula you’ll need for successful Internet sales.  Gain an understanding of how to create scalable and automated products so you can set up your own online programs. Learn the keys for a successful product launch: methodology, psychology, and the tools for success you’ll absolutely want to know.

5. From selling to helping: new marketing strategies: Find out how to market your products in a non-salesy, upbeat and fun way. Finally understand how social media can work for your business, and learn the proven blog and SoMe strategies to success. Learn how to move your prospects from social media or your blog to your website, where your products are sold. Get the strategies for how to effectively build your email list—and then how to turn that list into a prosperity machine.

6. The skill set necessary to grow your biz and build your perfect tribe: You can’t do it all alone, and you wouldn’t to anyway! Learn how to get strategic partners and Power Friends (you can’t do without them!), and how to build a community of supportive women (and men) that will help you take your business to the next level—and beyond. Also get the best tips and resources to help you outsource and delegate so you can stay sane and keep your focus where it belongs: living the life of your dreams.


Take a look at the experts lined up to share their genius

Stage 7

Gry Sinding, your host, online business owner, and marketing pioneer will share with you her recipe for building a successful online business, teaching you Internet marketing strategies and tips for how to effectively and quickly transform your business to make more money, create the freedom you want, and have fun in your life.


Kate Northrup, who has been featured on the Today Show, and whose work has been published in Yahoo! Finance, Women’s Health, Glamour, The Huffington Post, Red, and, more will through her “Money: A Love Story” talk show us how we can create financial freedom for ourselves by more being more present in our lives and following the path of self-love, rather than keeping up with the Joneses.


Elena Brower is an author, a teacher, and co-owner of Virayoga in NYC, a destination yoga studio for travelers and New Yorkers alike. Elena will show us how yoga and meditation practices can support our business and personal goals, raising our vision and bringing our spirit to our work.


Princess Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng, spiritual leaders in Norway, will teach us how we can kickstart our spiritual life journey and give us tips on how to activate our heart, embrace our spiritual path and integrate our spirituality in everyday life.


Tali and Ophira Edut, AKA The AstroTwins will bring the stars down to earth with their unique, practical approach to astrology. The twins have read charts for celebrities including Beyonce, Stevie Wonder and Sting.

Kath vinter liten

Kathrine Aspaas, the author of the “The Age of Generosity” bestseller, believes that people (and businesses) who practice authenticity, open-mindedness, and generosity will lead us into the future. This weekend she’ll guide, humor, and nudge you into realizing the authentic, open, and generous self that already exists within you.

Photo: Janne Mølle-Hansen

Anita Krohn Traaseth is managing director for HP Norway and a social media leader to boot. She is breaking traditional management barriers and changing the norm of today´s succesful leadership. She has her own personal and authentic blog about leadership, and in March she also published her Lean’In story, confessions from a female leader, which is already a bestseller.


Donna D’Cruz is a DJ / Performer as well as a model, Designer, Artist, Producer and her connections in the club world and the fashion world help her unite these high-profile scenes with the world’s spiritual traditions.

Original Mona uten jungel

Mona Nordøy, an award-winning photographer, will reveal her secrets of how she captures the uniqueness and the brand of the entrepreneur, and how a photo can reflect the entrepreneur´s genuine passion and help in making true wonders start happening. She will show how her photos of everyday heroes have helped them get their message out to the world.

Bilde Dagny

Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth, a leading expert in colors and color trends, will inspire and instruct us how to empower ourselves through efficient use of colors in a way that strengthens our business and our brand, so that both our businesses and ourselves can stand out from the crowd. And besides, using and wearing colors are so much more fun than being grey!

Click here for more information about this event’s fabulous speakers, and click here for more on the host, Gry.


How does Business Meets Spirituality work?

Over three energizing days you’ll join top-notch trainers and leaders from around the world to learn vital skills you need to take your business from nothing to really something. Each day we’ll provide one-of-a-kind training and tools designed to get you closer to your core truth, and help you realize those dreams you’ve been dreaming.!

If you’re ready to be and do and have everything you desire, if you’re ready to make a difference and money in the same breath, if you’re ready to build a business with passion and purpose, please join us in New York on April 25th-27th for Business Meets Spirituality. We promise to pack the house with high-energy entrepreneurs. (And we just might do a little dancing.)


This event is unlike any others because it combines business and spiritual learning, two things you must have to create more fun, freedom, and money in your business.

You can keep banging your head against the wall or you can say YES to learn how doing business a different way that works and which won’t lead you to total burnout in the process!

Your business NEEDS this. YOU deserve this. 


This event could change your business forever – don´t just take our word for it

ragnhild roalkvamRagnhild Roalkvam, Retail store and business owner
Ohhh my god, what a magical weekend! Definitely coming back next year! This event is about laughter, joy, tears, groundbreaking learning and meeting new wonderful people. I got my guts back to turn around my store and get the results I want. Never before experienced anything like this; people here believe in me, lift me, and help me. And I got back the feeling of joy for being an entrepreneur back in my life – grateful!
Christine HøstChristine Høst – Vice President, Fortune 500 company
Highly energetic hostess, inspiring speakers and a resourceful network of competent entrepreneurs. Valuable learning and input for everyone thinking about starting an online-business. I launched my own leadership blog two days after the event – very much inspired by Gry´s online training and BMS live.
Siri Bente KristoffersenSiri Bente Kristoffersen, Coach and business owner
Just digging the generous, open and truly including community of people you meet. Everyone wants to break out of their own comfort zone and go out to make a difference in the world. A weekend where you hear about deeply touching stories from people who have dared to stand out. People who have changed their lives because they genuinely want to help and make a difference for others!


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