10 Reasons to Join Us

1. Attend a unique event

Business Meets Spirituality is a one-of-a-kind event, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We’ve hosted this event several times in Norway, with overwhelming feedback, and we can’t wait to include YOU among our participants.


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2. Find your passion

Give yourself the gift of discovering what lights you up. Already have an idea? Business Meets Spirituality is exactly the place to create new and exciting goals for your vision and discover your innermost dreams of success.

3. Get an education

We’ll tell you the tips, tricks, and strategies that have made our own businesses skyrocket to success. Then we’ll work with you on your specific goals and dreams. You’ll get clarity on who you are and where you’re going. Then we’ll provide you with the practical advice you need to decide how to implement this new information so you can have the business you desire.


4. Connect

Wouldn’t you love to have more generous, successful and inspiring people in your network? Business Meets Spirituality provides a unique opportunity to meet and connect with new and amazing people. No need to look any further. We guarantee that you will find new, fantastic, Power Friends when you come to BMS


5. Mingle with the best of the best

At Business Meets Spirituality we combine the best marketing, mindset, and spiritual trainings available. Our speakers are some of the highest-rated entrepreneurs and businesswomen in Norway and the US. If you’re ready to connect with some serious game-changers (who also happen to be among the coolest, most generous women we know), BMS is for you. Check out our Guest Speaker page for more information.


6. Dance

Finally, a chance to dance! No need to be a professional. At Business Meets Spirituality, we believe it’s important to have fun, act a little crazy, and crank the intensity WAY up! It’s the only way to ensure everyone is taking care of her inner Diva.


7. Wear your sexy shoes, if you want :)

“Helloo Lover!” – Sarah Jessica Parker, aka Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City.

Gry takes advantage of any chance to put on her favorite dancing dress! And she has many, so she’ll be sure to have some costume changes, guaranteed—not to mention her brand new SJP shoes.  If you want to wear your sassiest dress and your sexiest heels, this is your chance. Of course, you can also dress down—there’s no dress code. But, you MUST put on your finest smile!

8. Laugh

We’re dead serious about business and what we teach. But we’re not so serious that we don’t take time to laugh! Life, including your business, should be FUN. So we always have a twinkle in our eyes, and we’re keen on using humor as a technique for creating the best learning environment.


9. Support other women

We’re all here to learn and create success in our life and for our business, whatever that means for each of us. At Business Meets Spirituality, you’ll join a new power network of the best women out there: ladies who are passionate about supporting each other, learning from each other, and growing together. Your new powerhouse network will become invaluable to your business and your personal growth.

10. Hang out  in trendy New York City

Really, do we need to say more? Well, if you insist… Luxuriate in the city’s springtime vibe and the blossoms just arriving in Central Park. Explore the culture surrounding you. Check out the museums, and indulge in spectacular restaurants. Take in the city’s energy and let it serve as the best kind of inspiration to catapult you—and your business—into the next realm.



Still in doubt that BMS is right for you?

Click HERE to check out feedback from our previous event. And if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to talk to you and hear about your business!

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