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Mother, entrepreneur and social inspirer Gry Sinding took a lackluster business dream and turned it into a highly successful online business (and she did it while living on the French Riviera!). But the early days of that business weren’t so charmed… After starting her “dream business” in 2008 in Norway, she soon had to face the reality of her choices: a daunting schedule, a sales vibe she detested, and little to no income. She finally came to a realization: if she wanted to be the best, she needed to learn from the best! And that’s exactly what she did.


From the brink of bankruptcy, she managed to transform her business from less than $10,000 in sales in 2011 to sales of $250,000 twelve months later. Since then sales have skyrocketed thanks to an accelerating client base, and a rapidly growing subscriber list. She has built a scalable business model, offering online training programs on Internet marketing and business strategies for solo entrepreneurs, and teaching others how to create and build successful businesses using cutting-edge marketing strategy. The host of groundbreaking live events in Norway (and now in the US with Business Meets Spirituality), Gry has been highly praised by hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs who come together for a weekend of learning, connection and fun. She also has her own Mastermind group for smart and savvy businesswomen intent on doing the work necessary to achieve success in their businesses. Gry manages her empire from New York City, her chalet in Antibes, France, and Norway, and regularly experiences the freedom she envisioned for herself when she first created her online business.


Gry has extensive experience as a businesswoman and coach—but she’s best known as a Norwegian pioneer for her development of online courses for entrepreneurs (currently being adapted for the US market). Based on her own career, apprenticeships, and hard-earned experiences, Gry has created web-based training programs that provide entrepreneurial women with the knowledge, inspiration, and energy they need to create their own successful businesses in order to live the life of their dreams. She currently lives in New York City, and has been known to say that her laptop, an Internet connection, and a cup of tea are all she needs to keep her business running smoothly.



Gry ALWAYS delivers her message from a place of helping others. That´s why she created the Business Meets Spirituality event – to help, instruct and inspire other entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and live the life they really want.

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