We ♥ BMS

Hell Yeah, we luuuuv this!


RikkeRikke D. Schönburn, Marketing expert & business owner
Largest energy boost I´ve had in years! So much learning in just a few days, it´s incredible. Inspirational speakers, but you also get specific tools to take your business to the next level. And the people you meet there – it´s simply generosity out of this world!
Trine Åldstedt, Coach and business owner Trine
I’ve known Gry for a few years and she is a totally fantastic woman! She is so talented and knowledgeable, in business as well as in mentoring people.  She is more generous than most people, always giving and sharing of herself and her wisdom to help and inspire others. Spending time with Gry, or even watching her online, opens reservoirs of energy, ideas, creativity and determination to just get out and DO IT! If you have goals and dreams you want to manifest, I cannot recommend this enough! Just make the decision to invest in yourself and your payback will be more than imagined.
Gro Mikkelsen, Stylist and business ownergromikk
This is the craziest event EVER. We were dancing all the time, and it was just so energizing and liberating. This is fun, motivational and really inspiring – definitely recommending other entrepreneurs experience this. The explosive energy, specific tips on how to improve your business + meeting so many fantastic, supportive new people was so valuable!
ragnhild roalkvamRagnhild Roalkvam, Retail store and business owner
Ohhh my god, what a magical weekend! Definitely coming back next year! This event is about laughter, joy, tears, groundbreaking learning and meeting new wonderful people. I got my guts back to turn around my store and get the results I want. Never before experienced anything like this; people here believe in me, lift me, and help me. And I got back the feeling of joy for being an entrepreneur back in my life – grateful!
Mona Nordøy, Professional photographer and business ownerMona Nord_y
Amazing and inspirational weekend. I just dig this event and the contagious energy that Gry is showing us – she gives all she gots, and that is a lot! She lifts the ceiling to new heights. And you learn incredibly much during such a weekend. The joy of being in a room full of people who will lift you up and support you just made me super-happy!
Christine HøstChristine Høst – Vice President, Fortune 500 company
Highly energetic hostess, inspiring speakers and a resourceful network of competent entrepreneurs. Valuable learning and input for everyone thinking about starting an online-business. I launched my own leadership blog two days after the event – very much inspired by Gry´s online training and BMS live.
Siri benteSiri Bente Kristoffersen, Coach and business owner
Just digging the generous, open and truly including community of people you meet. Everyone wants to break out of their own comfort zone and go out to make a difference in the world. A weekend where you hear about deeply touching stories from people who have dared to stand out. People who have changed their lives because they genuinely want to help and make a difference for others!
Trine LandøyTrine Landøy, Innovation-driven business owner
A fantastic and inspirational event – so valuable for small business owners like myself. If you are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneurs, this is all the inspiration you need to get started : )
Kathrine Aspaas, Author, journalist and business ownerKathrine Aspaas
A totally unique conference for women entrepreneurs. Packed with exciting people, raw energy, inspiration and practical tips for anyone wanting to improve their business or create their own dream job. I am so grateful for being a part of this! The energy in the room – engaging not only the inspirational speakers, but also all the participants – was absolutely FANTASTIC!
Fay Skandsen, Clothing store owner and business owner faykiss
This event ROCKS! I love your candidness Gry, and that you reveal “everything” – you are unique! Your bursts of energy, changing dresses and shoes make me feel you are a personal mint candy that gives me fresh breath : ) The music , the dancing , the joy – nothing compares to this event. Just love all your wisdom and competence – you are leading the way with your honesty. The participants really surprised me, so many fired-up and hungry businesswomen – an amazing network to be a part of. Need more of this, it’s that good!
Margo Olavesen, Mindfulness coach and business owner margo
I will come back next year too! I learned how important it is to be genuine and sincere to have an impact with your message, both in the words you use, but also through expressing your emotions. You speakers really were good role models in that.